Whether you're interested in buying, selling or merginga broker dealer, investment advisor, whether a shell or actively producing firm, Wall Street Consulting has the expertise, knowledge and street contacts to ensure a smooth transition in an expedited manner.

Our firm’s management has over twenty years experience in the valuing of securities companies, their assets, conducting due diligence, managing firm mergers, purchases and asset sales and measuring the potential risk, liability and opportunity of every transaction.

As one of the top consulting firms on the street, who better to trust with your transaction then the firm who regularly oversees the sales, compliance and operations of broker dealers, investment advisors and hedge funds. We understand every product, every business, every function and every issue a firm may cross or run into. Whether trading, research, banking, private placements, insurance or just evaluating the sales supervision, client activity, firm audits, books or documentation of a firm, our expertise is without limitations.

Aside from managing your sale, purchase or merger, Wall Street Consulting is here to help you overcome all your regulatory hurdles. Whether you need assistance with your 1017 or Form ADV filings, help writing your Supervisory Procedures, require supervisory and/or compliance staffing on a short-term or permanent basis, or any other staffing to help navigate your transaction through the various state and federal regulations or liaison with the various state and federal regulators, we are here to help you through your transaction.

We may not be the oldest acquisition intermediary in the business, but we are clearly the most knowledgeable, respected and aggressive. Who would you rather deal with? An unresponsive firm whose claim to fame is how long they’ve been around, or a hands-on aggressively active firm who is there, by your side, throughout the process, to make sure your transaction gets closed in an expedited manner.

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