In today’s market environment, managing and supervising a firm’s compliance department can be quite a formidable task. The compliance function requires a myriad of specialized responsibilities, diverse tasks, specific knowledge and skills, challenging to the resources of virtually any securities firm.

Compliance outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative to maintaining or developing a full-time compliance staff. Through leveraging our trained expert consultants on an ongoing basis, you are able to enhance your firm’s resources without the related staffing expenses, insurance or other related employment concerns. Wall Street’s outsourcing services has the ability to provide up to five compliance professionals to your firm’s staff. Whether you are a broker dealer, investment advisor or hedge fund, Wall Street outsourcing service has the program and personnel to meet your needs.

Depending on your firm’s specific requirements, we can tailor various compliance programs and alternative solutions that will meet the level of compliance support you require in order to remain compliant with an affordable fixed monthly fee. Simply contact our firm to discuss the specifics of our services so that your staff can focus on growing your business