Selling a Broker Dealer or Investment Advisor
Selling your broker dealer or investment advisoris a very emotional undertaking. Whether the impedes is money, retirement or you are just exhausted and need to get out from within, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Selling your company can be quite stressful, especially if it is a broker dealer whose sale is not handled correctly. You can misprice your business, run into regulatory hurdles and restrictions, or slow down the approval process by months. Wall Street Consulting is your partner to help you realize your goals. Aside from just advertising and marketing your company to prospective qualified buyers, we can help value and market your company and tailor and finalize your Sale Agreement to get the deal closed.

Unlike most all other broker dealer intermediaries, once they introduce a prospective buyer, they disappear never answering your phone calls again except to collect their hefty fee for virtually doing nothing other than getting you listed on their website. We work with you, throughout the whole process, to make the sale. We don’t leave you out in the cold to manage the sale due diligence and negotiations alone. We understand how aggravating it can be to leave message after message and get no assistance or response from the firm who is getting paid on the closing of your transaction. Our staff are experts in all facets of the sales process. We are there every step of the way to work with you and negotiate on your behalf to close the sale. And because of the nature of our consulting practice and industry relationships developed over the years, Wall Street Consulting has a network of potential relationships from which to potentially find a buyer.

To start the process in getting your firm listed, please complete the appropriate sellers profile listed below and fax it to our office at 561-753-7717. Once we have the completed form, one of our sales consultants will contact you regarding the sale process and provide you with a confidentiality Agreement and Fee Agreement. With the signing of these agreements, our consultants will work with you to put together a proper due diligence package to assist any potential qualified buyers. Please be advised, all buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement. Any due diligence they receive regarding your firm will be required to be kept strictly confidential.

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